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Product definitions

  • Bleach

    A chlorine-based bleaching and disinfecting agent. Used for laundry, bathroom and kitchen hygiene and cleanliness and cleaning the surface.

  • Dishwashing Detergent

    With a high percentage of active ingredient, fragrant and oil removal feature, this is a very strong quick rinse cleaner.Its foamy formula keeps your hands safe.

  • Floor Cleaner

    This is a strong surface cleaning agent. You can use it on a daily basis to clean all hard surfaces with a mop. Has a sweet-smelling odor. It does not leave residues or stains on cleaned environments. It does not require rinsing.

  • Laundry Detergent

    While protecting your machine against lime, prevents graying of your whites and allows your it to be be soft and fragrant all day long with the permanent smell. With powerful degreaser formula delivers high performance in a minimum amount. Economical.

  • Liquid Hand Soap

    Protects and moisturizes the skin. Has pearlescent and transparent options. Since it contains protecters and moisturizers your hands will be softer than usual in daily use. Has a 5.5 pH, thus does not give dry feeling.

  • Glass Cleaner

    With the improved formula, easily destroys all pollution on glossy surfaces like glass and mirrors. It does not scratch, leaves no traces or stains.

  • Grapo Oil Remover

    Dissolves strong grease with its powerful content. You may use in cleaning your kitchen stove, oven and so on. It provides ease in cleaning heavy oil formed in place.

  • Creme Cleanser

    With the creamy structure the products is safe to use on all surfaces without scratching like enamel, plastic, painted surfaces, ceramic, porcelain, chrome and so on. Allows us to clean stubborn stains without any difficulty. Has a pleasant odor.

  • Foxy Textile Stain Remover

    Special formulat textile stain remover can be used in all textile surfaces. You can use safely in colored or white laundry. Can be used in automatic machines with foam cutter.

  • Lime Remover

    A strong rust and scale remover that can be used for cleaning the bathroom, toilets and after construction. Acidic in character, not to be used with bare hands.

  • Polka Ultra Strong Gel with Detergent

    Viscous, acidic soil, lime, rust and strong cleaners that can be use to remove stains. Due to the intensity of Polka, it is not easy to flow down to toilets, thus increases the cleaning power on the treated surface, especially toilets. Due to the disinfectant within, kills bacteria and prevents reproduction in all kinds of environment.

  • Laundry Softener

    Thanks to its powerful formula will not leave a residue on laundry detergent. Provides unique softness. Due to the enduring perfume provides a pleasant freshness for a long time.

  • Lime Preventive

    It prevents precipitation of calcium in suspension in the water. Used in washing machines. It prevents graying of whites.